Sancy’s Launderette is one of the environment friendly and leading laundry service providers in Bangalore being a first ISO Certified Laundry Company in India. Our professional and caring solution to your laundry is incomparable as we handle your clothes very carefully and deliver it you in a desired hygiene conditions. Our environment friendly process service is carried out to deliver clean, odour free and perfectly ironed clothes.

Our Comprehensive service in launderette includes a set of state- of- the- art facilities that care for your fabric, as it saves your time and money than at home. Our professional staffs value your garments by taking extra care and provide dedicated laundry service to meet your satisfaction. We offer affordable top quality cleaning facilities with highly equipped environment and our staff will assist you to drop your soiled clothes in any of our outlets in Bangalore which is nearest to your place and collect your clothes by next day.

Over the years of experience, our service oriented organization endeavor for the customer needs and wants by upgrading the latest technologies and environment friendly equipment. Our commitment towards the work is to yield maximum to make your garments almost free from dirt and stains using finest chemical solvents, improper fittings through alterations, wrinkle free through steam ironing and hand pressing. And hence our core service is not only just cleaning of clothes but also providing a high quality service by valuing your garments with proper care.

Our Vision

To become top end laundry and dry cleaning service providers with a unique brand and identity.

Our mission

To utilize latest technologies and finest equipments innovated day by day to become successful laundry service providers.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Sancy’s Launderette understands its responsibility towards the society. As we grow on our way towards success, we pledge to help our society. As a first initiative, we have selected Samarthanam Trust which is serving for the visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged people in Bangalore, where we provide them a free laundry service as it is a great opportunity to serve these people, being a part of the society.